Christian and Missionary Alliance workers aren’t floating on the surface. They’re going deep. More than 40 percent of our workers are in countries that closed their doors to traditional missionaries long ago.

Jesus asked us very clearly to disciple all nations. Our workers understand that this wasn’t merely a suggestion. The Christian and Missionary Alliance was built on this foundational command, and has lived it out since the 1800’s.

Each area in our Four S Regions (Silk Road, Caribbean Sun, Desert Sand, and Asian Spice) has a broad range of both physical and spiritual needs that intertwine in the lives of those who live there.

We have designed four Global Ministry Tracks — Church, Marketplace, Compassion, and Support ministry — to help bring focus to those needs, aiding our workers and congregations at home who are partnering to meet them. They do this in almost every setting imaginable, from rural sustenance communities to high energy urban streets. In countries that protect freedom of expression and those who suppress it.

Our workers are respectfully immersed in other cultures, loving them and becoming part of them. And, as a result, they are driven to build up and enable local believers to lead the way. When this happens, as it has hundreds of times throughout the decades, our workers step aside and look for other corners of the world for God to use them again.

But there is a cost. There’s no other way to describe it: financing our workers in their roles is an important part of being so focused on missions.

Our Global Advance Fund (GAF) is the way we take the vision and hope shared by so many and make it tangible. The GAF does not culminate in an impersonal collection and dispersal of funds, however. The C&MA’s Seamless Link initiative is ever active in promoting far-reaching commitment and support between International Workers and individuals who make up Canadian congregations. Support and partnership that goes well beyond, yet still includes, the straightforward ‘raw materials’ of financing.

Grassroots Ministry, Liberia

Since 2001 James and Kathleen Negenda have been sowing seeds of hope among Liberians.

Their vision is to see God’s people grow, beyond the cycle of war, crisis and poverty through teaching the truth of God’s word.

Their focus is on Education and Leadership, to engage pastors, community members and others through Community Development, Adult Education, Basic Literacy training and specialized workshops. Through Grassroots Ministry they are sharing the Living Word along with the written word.